Middle East Technical University

Website: https://www.metu.edu.tr

Founded in 1956, the Middle East Technical University (METU), based in Turkey, is organized across five faculties – Architecture, Engineering, Administrative Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Education – and separate graduate schools of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Informatics, Applied Mathematics, and Marine Sciences. METU is involved in more international research projects than any other Turkish university. All METU's degree programmes are taught in English and the university is home to over 1,700 international students from almost 100 different countries.

METU is leading CCUS ZEN’s work on identifying CO2 emission sources with relevance for CCUS and best available capture technologies for different sectors as part of WP1 and on CO2 transport and intermediate storage solutions as part of WP3. METU is also contributing to the delivery of tasks in WP2 and WP5.