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Project lead: Victrol
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Victrol is a shipping company, based in Antwerp and mainly active in transportation of mineral oil products and gas. We have 35 tankers in our fleet of which 1 LNG gas carrier. Beside that we operate several push-pull boats and pontoons for the transportation of heavy cargo over water, of which 2 LNG pontoons.
We are operational over all European waterways ( inland and coastal ) and on minor scale oversea.

For more than a year we’ve been investigating the transportation of CO2 by ships. We are convinced that shipping can have a key role in the distribution of CO2, for CCU as well as for CCS purpose. Shipping can be the flexible and non-permanent connection between seagoing ports, hinterland, industrial emitting clusters and utilisers / re-users of CO2, and can be custom-built for purpose. In other words, it is very unlikely that the total volume can be transported by pipelines.