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Connecting Europe Facility funding for CO₂ transport

The CCUS Projects Network welcomes the news of support for the development of interconnected CCS across Europe - six funding awards have been made to our member CCUS projects under the most recent Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI)

Economic recovery, the environment and climate in Covid-19 times 

Dr Jan-Justus Andreas, Policy Manager Industry, Bellona Europa

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15-18 March 2021 (CET +3)

GHGT-15 is a focal point for international research on CO2 capture and storage and features an extensive programme of keynote talks, research presentations and posters, and panel discussions. The event, which is held every two years, will be held online this year due to Covid-19 and will also include a virtual Exhibition Hall.


Past events

The role of CCS in the Green Deal - Webinar by Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative

The EU Green Deal expects that the European economy becomes climate neutral by 2050, and a 55% reduction of greenhouse gases is required by 2030 in the associated Climate Target Plan. There is a broad agreement across public, stakeholder and international analyses of EU decarbonisation pathways that CCS will be needed at scale to decarbonise energy intensive industries - some of those also suggest that blue hydrogen will play an important role in the coming decades.

EU Industry Week: CCS and Reaching Net-Zero Targets in Europe

NB: Time shown is GMT LONDON (14:00 BRUSSELS, 08:00 WASHINGTON D.C)


The European Commission will be hosting EU Industry Week, and the Global CCS Institute is excited to take part. The Institute will be holding a webinar to discuss Europe’s 2050 net-zero target and the role CCS will play in decarbonising industry. 

Key CCUS projects delivering industrial decarbonisation: How Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage will contribute to making European industry climate-neutral by 2050

NB: Times shown are CET (Central European Time)

The crucial role of low-carbon hydrogen production to achieve Europe’s climate ambition: How CCS can enable early and cost-efficient clean hydrogen at scale

NB: Times shown are CET (Central European Time)

Green Recovery: CCUS to support green jobs in industry

Covid-19 has shown that governments can take rapid, decisive and unprecedented measures in the face of a looming threat, and this has prompted calls to use investment to ‘build back better’ as countries recover. This event was about exploring the role of carbon capture storage and/or utilisation (CCUS) in both the just transition to a net-zero Europe, and a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.