Project ACCSESS to trial new capture system and bring CCS to eastern Europe

Three of our members are involved in a significant new Horizon 2020 project which will trial a new enzyme-based CO2 post-combustion capture system and involve the first industrial CCS pilot in eastern Europe.

Acorn Project gains momentum with new customers and Shell partnership

Our member the Acorn CCS Project has moved decisively forward, signing up several prospective customers, and agreeing financial and operational agreements with Shell, a global pioneer of CCS. Its efforts mean a Scottish CCS Cluster, bringing together a wide range is stakeholders, is gaining considerable traction.

Porthos project secures up to €2.1bn from Dutch government

The Porthos project has taken a significant step forward, with its four prospective customers winning a grant of up to €2.1bn from the Dutch government.

EU to launch second Innovation Fund call for large-scale projects

The European Union is planning to launch the second Innovation Fund call for large-scale projects on 26 October, with financing of up to €1.5bn set to be available.

Unlike the first round, the application and selection process will have only one stage. Otherwise, the methodology for assessing projects will remain largely similar to the first call, the EU said. However, call documents have been improved to make the process clearer for applicants.

Carbon removal: a crucial yet confusing element of climate mitigation
Biomass and carbon capture and storage graphic

In our latest 'Hot Topics' discussion piece, Mark Preston Aragonès, policy advisor at Bellona Europa, explores rising interest in carbon dioxide removal and the opportunities and dangers this presents. 

ECCSEL ERIC funding will give industry access to ‘new frontier’ facilities
Map of ECCSEL members

ECCSELERATE is to launch two calls offering funding for access to ECCSEL ERIC’s world-class carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research infrastructure.

Fortum Oslo Varme’s CCS project takes important step forward

Fortum Oslo Varme’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) project has moved a step closer to realisation after being shortlisted for financing from the EU’s €10bn Innovation Fund.

Connecting Europe Facility funding for CO₂ transport

The CCUS Projects Network welcomes the news of support for the development of interconnected CCS across Europe - six funding awards have been made to our member CCUS projects under the most recent Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) from the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI)

UK unveils £139m fund for decarbonising industry

The UK Government has announced £139 million funding towards its ambition to create the world’s first net-zero carbon industrial cluster by 2040, with at least one low-carbon industrial cluster by 2030.